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Summer Skincare: Make Your Skin Beautiful From The Inside Out By Prioritizing Hydration and Nutrition

Posted by Agnes Lussier-Dow NP-PHC on 16 June 2021
Summer Skincare: Make Your Skin Beautiful From The Inside Out By Prioritizing Hydration and Nutrition

Skin Care Is Especially Important In The Summer.

The summer sun can give your skin that fresh sun-kissed glow, but the effects of UV rays and dehydration may not be worth it. The sun's heat can dry out and burn your skin as well as deplete its supply of natural lubricating oils. In short, too much sun can cause very real damage to your skin including reduced elasticity, premature signs of ageing and even skin cancer. While sunscreen forms a protective barrier on the skin and reduces its exposure to harmful UV rays, it isn't enough on its own to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin - that happens from the inside out and starts with two very important elements: hydration and nutrition.

Plenty Of H2O Gives Your Skin A Healthy Glow.

Staying properly hydrated is not only important for your overall health and wellness, it is an important part of skincare, too. This makes sense when you consider that your body is made of up to 60% water. Staying hydrated contributes to healthy, radiant skin in two significant ways:

Improving Your Skin's Elasticity: Water is one of the key components of collagen and, as you may know, collagen is one of the primary contributors to your skin's elasticity. Unfortunately, as skin ages or when it is damaged by too much sun exposure, collagen production can slow down. Drinking plenty of water helps to restore your skin's elasticity and gives it a fresh, healthy appearance.

Helping To Flush Skin-Dulling Toxins: Whether you know it or not, you are exposed to hundreds of toxins on a daily basis. Your body has systems in place to eliminate these toxins and water plays a significant role in all of them.

How Much Water Is Enough?

For the average adult woman, drinking a total of about 2.5 litres of water daily is recommended for optimal hydration. While you will get as much as 20% of that total amount from the food you eat, the rest comes from drinks so make sure to fill up those water bottles throughout your day.


Two glasses being filled with water on a wooden table in the summer sun.

IV Therapy For Hydration And Summer Skincare

If you struggle to drink your daily 8 glasses of water, you're not alone. In the summer, when you may need a few extra glasses, staying properly hydrated can seem especially challenging. IV Therapy is a wonderful option for giving yourself a hydration boost - and more!

IV Therapy was originally used in hospitals to deliver fluids and medications to the very sick. However, approximately 50 years ago the use of IV Therapy began to evolve with the creation of the "Myers Cocktail", an intravenous solution created by physician John Myers, that was used to treat health conditions like fatigue, infections, and depression. Today, IV Therapy infusions not only provide you with a significant boost in hydration, but they can also offer different combinations of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Radiance: An Optimal IV Infusion For Healthy Skin

In my practice, we use a selection of IV solutions created by the team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and chemists at Farsk Health Canada. One of the IV infusions that is particularly effective for skincare is called Radiance. Radiance is formulated to include key components such as Vitamin E, D, B's, amino acid, selenium, zinc, glycine and proline and was developed to assist in improving dull skin, hyperpigmentation, issues with skin texture, acne and to reduce the signs of ageing.

Nutrition Has A Direct Impact Of The Condition Of Your Skin.

IV Therapy is the perfect example of how hydration and nutrition go hand in hand to create healthy, beautiful skin. By providing the cells with adequate water and nutrients they can thrive. The connection between nutrition and the condition of a person's skin is nothing new. It has been studied and observed by present-day scientists as well as ancient civilizations. 

When it comes to the health and appearance of your skin, Vitamin C, also named L-ascorbic acid, is of particular interest. Vitamin C plays a significant role in "stimulating collagen synthesis and assisting in antioxidant protection against UV-induced photodamage." This is why it is common to see Vitamin C added to topical face creams and serums, however, evidence suggests that getting enough Vitamin C through your diet is actually a more effective way of helping your skin become and remain healthy and refreshed. The following chart shows a variety of foods that are particularly rich in Vitamin C.


Graphic listing foods rich in Vitamin C


Applying Vitamins And More Directly To The Skin With Mesotherapy

Developed in 1952 by Michel Pistor, a doctor in France, Mesotherapy is a rejuvenation technique that uses micro-injections of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, among other things. The solution used in your treatment is formulated specifically for you to address your skin conditions. Mesotherapy is most commonly requested by clients looking to refresh and rejuvenate their skin by:

  • fading wrinkles and lines
  • tightening loose skin
  • lightening pigmented skin

Because mesotherapy allows for active ingredients to be deposited directly into the lower layers of your skin, it is very successful in correcting skin damage caused by underlying issues like poor circulation and inflammation.

Eating Well And Drinking Plenty Of Water Should Be Part Of Your Summer Skincare Routine

Wearing sunscreen and using high-quality, toxin-free skincare products is still an important part of summer skincare but, if you are looking to prioritize healthy skin this summer, you can start from the inside out by prioritizing hydration and nutrition. Eat the rainbow, focus on incorporating foods high in Vitamin C, and ensure you are getting enough water - especially on those hot days. If hydration and nutrition are tricky for you to manage through diet alone, consider giving your skin a summer boost with an IV Therapy or mesotherapy treatment.

Hydration and nutrition are two core building blocks of achieving healthy, radiant skin this summer. Are you looking for a boost to get that healthy, summer glow? Contact me today.

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Restore Your Optimal Health This Winter With IV Therapy

Posted by Agnes Lussier-Dow NP-PHC on 7 November 2020
Restore Your Optimal Health This Winter With IV Therapy

Restore Your Optimal Health This Winter With IV Therapy

Here in Ontario, winters are long. The shorter days, colder temperatures, and changes to both our indoor and outdoor environments cause many people to fall out of balance and, consequently, to struggle with physical and emotional health issues. Feeling sluggish, depleted, emotionally low and coping with dull irritated skin are some of the most common complaints I see from my patients during the winter months. If you know that you are prone to these or other seasonal complaints, IV Therapy may be an appropriate treatment option that can allow you to take a preventative approach to your health and wellness now, before the winter sets in.

IV Therapy: A proactive approach to optimal health.

When you think of IV Therapy, likely you think of its use in hospitals to deliver fluids and medication to the very sick. While this is the traditional use of IV Therapy, its uses have evolved; one might even say transcended. What started out some 50 years ago as a rudimentary "cocktail" of vitamins and minerals, has now become a highly customizable and widely regarded preventative treatment.  IV Therapy is now effectively used to provide nutrition and targetted supplementation for preventative health and can support you in preventing or alleviating many conditions commonly experienced in the winter months.

How does IV Therapy work?

An IV Therapy treatment involves coming to the clinic where an IV drip will be administered. The specific formulation or "cocktail" of vitamins, minerals, and/or amino acids is suspended in a sterile saline solution which is gradually infused to you over a period of about 20 minutes. You will be monitored and someone will check in with you during your treatment to ensure you are comfortable and that the drip is running smoothly.

When vitamins and supplements are taken orally, they are absorbed via the digestive tract. The process is, when compared to IV Therapy, inefficient and only approximately 50% of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed. When the same vitamins and minerals are given through an IV, they are delivered directly into your blood-stream where they are absorbed at a much higher rate. This means that there are more nutrients available for your cells to make use of. 


IV Therapy can help restore optimal health in the winter with special blends of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.


Choosing the right IV Therapy to help you this winter.

Each IV Therapy "cocktail" is formulated to meet your individual needs and to restore you to balance. Some of our more popular IV Therapies for addressing issues commonly faced in the winter include:

The Serum: Featuring a powerful combination of collagen-building and skin-loving nutrients like Vitamin C, this IV Therapy helps to restore and brighten the skin that has been dulled or irritated by the harsh winter weather and dry indoor heat. 

The Booster Shot: Formulated to support your "fighter" white blood cells, this treatment helps to protect against illness and disease. This is an especially good choice if your work or family exposes you more often to colds, flu, and other common ailments.

The Boss: After months of navigating a pandemic, many of us are feeling anxious and stressed about the winter. If you are feeling depleted and maxed-out, this IV Therapy will give your brainpower a boost and support your adrenals to help you manage and recover from stress more effectively.

The Powerhouse: This IV therapy is, according to Dr. Tapp, a "liquid multivitamin". It will hydrate you while giving you everything you would find in a high-quality multivitamin and a protein powder combined! This treatment is perfect if you are feeling depleted or are struggling to maintain a healthy diet during the winter months.

Before choosing (or custom making) the right IV Therapy for your optimal health, you will go through an initial assessment. Because my practice is rooted in Functional Medicine, we never stop at treating the symptoms. The goal is to discover the root cause of whatever conditions or dis-ease you are experiencing so that we can bring your whole self back into balance and sustainable health.

Are you ready to try IV Therapy?

If you are looking for an effective way to relieve stress, boost your immune system, increase your energy and focus, and restore your skin, contact us today to discover which IV Therapy is right for your optimal health. Take the steps to restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit and enjoy all that the coming winter season has to offer.

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