Frequently Asked Questions by New Patients

Q: Why should I use BHRT?
Q: What is first step?
Q: What is involved in the first consult?
Q: What is involved in the follow-up consults?
Q: What is the difference between saliva testing and serum (blood) testing?
Q: Will insurance or OHIP cover lab tests or consultations?
Q: Are prescriptions covered by insurance?
Q: How does bio-identical hormone replacement therapy benefit me in the future?
Q: Does bio-identical testosterone therapy (TRT) cause cancer in men? Will TRT give me a better quality of life?
Q: What age does the patient have to be to take BHRT?
Q: What can BHRT do for women?
Q: What can BHRT do for men?
Q: What can BHRT do for thyroid issues?
Q: How do I know if I am a good candidate for PRP treatments?
Q: How many treatments are required?
Q: Is the PRP process time consuming?
Q: Is there a long recovery or down time?
Q: When will I see results?
Q: Are there side effects to Platelet Rich Plasma therapy?