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Detoxification Program

Your body is continuously exposed to various substances and toxins through daily life. From poor food quality, heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides, environmental aspecs like polution, chemicals, xenoestrogens, cosmetic and even prescription drugs; these toxins may build up in your body and impact your health negatively.

The liver is the major organ for detoxification, but other organs that detoxify include your skin, kidneys, GI Tract, and lungs. Because your body is so complex, it's vital to support the detoxification process and function to ensure the body can clear these toxins safely. Toxicity can help resolve adverse symptoms by treating the root cause.

The most common toxic matierals we routinely encounter are metals, specifically lead, cadmium, chromium and arsenic. Some common sources of exposure include:

  • Smoking Cigarettes (cadmium)
  • Fish (mercury)
  • Indoor Dust (homes, schools, work place)
  • Old Pipes & Paint (lead)
  • Drinking Water (arsenic, lead)
  • Food (plants grown in polluted soil)

Toxicity may have many clinical manifestations which may include:

  • Neurological & Psychiatric Manifestations
  • Immune Dysfunction
  • Mitochondrial & Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Endocrine Disruption
If you feel you may benefit from a Detoxification Program, contact us now to get started on your customized path to balance.

Stress & Hormone Health Program

Hormones balance your body and act as little chemical messengers sending messages about growth, development, metabolism, reproduction, and more. When your body is out of balance, your hormones may be sending the wrong chemical messages or may have stopped sending messages altogether. Many elements can affect your hormones, from environmental to internal, so a holistic approach is key to finding balance again.

Our Stress & Hormone Health Program discusses with you the negative effects of chronic stress and its connection to major chronic diseases. You will learn the connection between healthy vs. unhealthy stress perception, stages of general adaptation and optimal cortisol / hormone function. This will help you better understand the power of recommendations emphasizing blood sugar & cortisol regulation, sleep hygiene, exercise and lifestyle interventions to achieve your health goals.

The program is ideal for those suffering from:

  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Depression / Anxiety / Moods
  • Hormone Imbalance / Infertility
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Blood Sugar / Insulin Disorders
  • Chornic Pain and Fatigue
  • Palpitations / Arrhythmias
  • Overweight / Obesity
If you feel stressed out and feel your hormones are out of balance, contact us today to get started on your custom journey to hormonal and stress balance.

Healthy Weight Program

Have you been struggling with losing weight and maintaining a healthy goal weight? We will help you understand the obstacles to achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it for life.

By exploring inflammation and detoxification, you will learn about recognizing patterns and long-term effects of unhealthy behaviours. Understanding the pitfalls of appetite suppressants and excessive calorie restrictions will help you embrace lifestyle choices that create lifelong, optimal body composition and chronic disease prevention.

The program is ideal if you are:

  • Overweight / Obese
  • Prediabetic / Type 2 Diabetic
  • Have High Blood Pressure
  • Have High Cholesterol
  • Have Coronary Heart Disease
  • Have Experienced a Stroke
  • Have Gynecological Problems
  • Have Sleep Apnea and Breathing Problems
If you feel like you cannot seem to get ahead with your weight loss or maintenance goals, contact us today to get started on your health journey!

Gastrointestinal Foundations Program

Your Gastrointestinal Tract (GI Tract) is an important system in your body responsible for absorbing and digesting nutrients from your food. Healing your GI Tract can improve many chronic conditions. Our GI Foundations Program will teach you all the key concepts of increased intestinal permeability, chornic GI Inflammation, food allergy/intolerance testing options, proper elimination and the use of hypo allergenic diets for healthy GI/gut healing.

This program is great if you suffer from:

  • IBS / IBD / Crohn's
  • Constipation
  • Suspected Food Allergies
  • Increased Intestinal Permeability
  • Chronic Pain, Mood and Sleep Disorders
  • Autoimmunity / Chronic Inflammation
  • Fatigue / Headaches
  • Eczema / Psoriasis / Hives
Are you ready to heal your gut? Contact us today to get started on a healthier, balanced GI Tract with our GI Foundations Program.

How Our Programs Work

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We use a 4-step process to reach your ultimate health transformation.