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Custom IV Nutrients

Are you ready to find your perfect IV Nutrient infusion? Take a look at our most popular therapies below:

The Classic: Myers' Cocktail

A classic blend of vitamins C, B12, B complex, magnesium and calcium to support optimal wellness by keeping your body in balance.

The Powerhouse

Your liquid multivitamin, as coined by Dr. Tapp. Not only is this therapy hydrating, it also contains everything you would find in a multivitamin and protein powder combined.

The Reliever

Headache begone! The Reliever reduces and helps prevent headaches.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Powerful unique antioxidant supports liver detoxification. Diabetic Poly-Neuropathy and Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy.

The C-Bomb

Vitamin C, in high doses, has been found to slow cancer growth and stop bacterial growth. Doses come in 25g, 50g, and 75g.

The Booster Shot

Support your "fighter" white blood cells with this booster shot that protects you against illness and disease.


The Serum

An Anti-aging powerhouse, packed with collagen building and skin loving nutrients like Vitamin C to plump, smooth, and brighten skin.

The Boss

Executive support for the entrepreneur, caregiver, or CEO of the household. Provides adrenal support and boosts brain power.

The Peace Maker

Support your heart health and lower your blood pressure


La Femme

This therapeutic mix is for you if you're struggling with PMS.


The Post-Op

Speed your recovery time by supporting immune function and tissue growth.

The Athlete

Improve your stamina and recovery time in post run, workout, or game by reducing inflammation, pain, tight muscles, all while supporting cardiovascular function.


The master of all antioxidants, detoxification and the conductor of the immune system. Glutathione helps support energy, immunity, and skin.

Don't see the perfect IV Therapy for you? Contact us to get started on a custom solution!

New IV Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metal Poisoning

If you suspect you may be suffering from heavy-metal poisoning, IV Chelation Therapy may be right for you. It helps bind with harmful metals helping your body eliminate the toxins naturally.

Not sure which IV Therapy is right for you? Feel free to contact us today and schedule your free 15 minute consultation to find out more about IV Nutrition and our other services to help your body back to balance.

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