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Natural Skincare Solutions To Get Your Skin Glowing This Winter

Posted by Agnes Lussier-Dow NP-PHC on 7 November 2022
Natural Skincare Solutions To Get Your Skin Glowing This Winter

Natural Winter Skincare Solutions Don’t Have To Involve Pricey Products.

Healthy, glowing skin doesn’t depend on products and treatments alone. Healthy, radiant skin actually starts from the inside. That means how you nourish yourself is just as important as the products you put on your skin. The food you eat, the environment you live in and how you manage your stress levels all play a significant role in keeping your skin feeling and looking good. So, if you’re looking for healthy, glowing skin this winter, here are some natural skincare solutions that start with changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Reasons the winter can be hard on your skin

Winter Can Take A Toll On Your Skin: Here’s Why. 

If there is one season known for causing skin problems, it’s winter. Once the temperatures drop and the snow starts to fly, it’s common to hear people complain about these common winter skin issues. 

  • Dry skin 

  • Rough skin 

  • Dull and patchy skin

  • Itchy and irritated skin 

Why does your skin struggle so much in the winter months? There are a few different factors at play. 

Your skin could be thirsty. 

Cold air sucks out the skin’s moisture. So, your skin is already at risk of being thirsty during the winter months. Add to that the dry, indoor heat we live with at home and at work and the potential for dehydrated winter skin only increases.  

Windburn and sunburn are common winter problems, too. 

Just because you’re layering up with hats and mitts doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. The wind and sun can be especially damaging to your skin during the winter and can leave skin blotchy, irritated and inflamed. 

Seasonal stress and depression can trigger problem skin. 

Winter is a season full of family and festivities…and stress. Whether it’s preparing for the end of the year at work, organizing big family gatherings, less-than-ideal driving conditions or coping with seasonal depression, seasonal stress can interfere with your skin’s ability to repair and regenerate optimally. 

Taking Care Of Your Skin From The Outside. 

Before we dive into nourishing your skin from the inside, there are some things you can do externally to promote healthy, beautiful skin this winter. 

  • Moisturize your skin daily with a good quality product like Zo Skin Health’s Renewal Creme 

  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly, especially when enjoying the outdoors. The sun’s UV rays are just as present in the winter months as they are in the summer. 

  • Skincare treatments like PRP/PRF can boost collagen production and encourage cellular repair go deeper and last longer. 

It’s important to take care of your skin. And healthy skincare routines, quality products and professional treatments help. But, it’s also important to remember that your skin has a lot to gain when you care for it from the inside out.

Supporting healthy skin from the inside out

Natural Skincare Solutions That Work From The Inside Out. 

Natural skincare solutions don’t have to be complicated. Supporting healthy skin from the inside out can start at home with your diet and day-to-day routines.

Eating For Healthy Skin 

Nutrition plays a significant role in your skin’s health and appearance. So, a simple winter skincare tip is to eat a healthy, varied diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

  • Vitamin A is available and easily absorbed from dairy products and promotes healthy skin cells.

  • Antioxidants help absorb cell-damaging free radicals and keep skin healthy and strong and are found in many berries and fruits like plums.

  • Essential fatty acids found in walnuts, salmon and flaxseed help to promote strong skin cell membranes which allow skin cells to hold on to moisture thereby making the skin look plump and hydrated. 

  • The mineral selenium helps skin cells heal and repair themselves more efficiently. Selenium can be found in whole grains, cereals, turkey and tuna.

  • Green tea is loaded with skincare properties. It is anti-inflammatory, promotes skin cell membrane health and can even reduce the risk of skin cancer. 

Hydration For Healthy Skin 

Drinking water is important for healthy, resilient skin cells. But, it’s not the only way (or even the best way) to keep your skin hydrated this winter. To keep your skin happy and healthy you need to help maintain its natural oils. You can do this by fighting against the dry winter air and indoor heat by running a humidifier, addressing any drafty doors or windows, taking cooler and shorter showers (hot water dries out your skin!) and using a good quality moisturizer for your body and face. 

Managing stress 

If you are stressed it can take a toll on your skin’s health and appearance. Stress can cause your hormones to fall out of balance including “the stress hormone” cortisol. High levels of cortisol have been linked to skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Practicing mindfulness, meditation and regular movement can help to manage stress, balance your hormones and support healthy, beautiful skin. 

Manage Your Stress And Nourishing Your Skin For Healthy, Glowing Skin This Winter. 

If you’re looking for natural skincare solutions — make sure they are more than skin deep! Quality skincare products and deep-acting treatments like PRP/PRF are valuable parts of a well-rounded skincare plan. But, healthy, glowing skin starts from the inside out. My top winter skincare tips include making changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can reduce internal and external stress and support healthy, resilient skin.

To work with Agnes Lussier-Dow, NP PHC to balance your hormones or book a skincare treatment, contact NP Optimal Health and Wellness today. 

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