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Completing A Detox and Cleanse Can Set You On The Right Path Towards Achieving Healthy Weight For Life

Posted by Agnes Lussier-Dow NP-PHC on 25 January 2021
Completing A Detox and Cleanse Can Set You On The Right Path Towards Achieving Healthy Weight For Life

Achieving A Healthy Weight Takes A Commitment To Finding Balance.

From the perspective of functional medicine, weight loss is about bringing your body back into balance. Achieving a healthy weight is a journey to finding that "middle way" between too little and too much; finding a place where the body and all its systems have what they need to operate without excess weight that could put strain on the body. Moreover, achieving a healthy weight gives you the opportunity to redefine your relationship with food and your body. Therefore, while weight loss is a physical process, it is also a process that affects (and is affected by) the emotional and spiritual self as well. A healthy approach to weight loss is one that takes into account all three aspects of self and gets you back in touch with your body, its needs and leaves you feeling confident and clear about your path forward.

Detox And Cleanse Programs As A Tool To Achieve A Healthy Weight.

"Pay attention to your toxic load, be it food, products, or people." - Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

A detox and cleanse is an opportunity for you to hit the reset button on your health and wellness. Detoxifying your body is one step towards healthy weight loss. By removing toxins that cause imbalance and dysfunction from your system, you are priming yourself to achieve your optimal health and weight. Let's break it down to see how this type of program can help you achieve your healthiest weight.


A detox and cleanse program can help you achieve a healthy weight.


What Is A Detox And Cleanse Program?

"Detox" is a word you may know because of how often it is thrown around by the diet industry. When you hear the words "detox" or "cleanse" you may think of programs, pills, and fasts focused on losing weight quickly. While weight loss may be one effect of a detox and cleanse program, from the perspective of functional medicine, that is not the primary goal.

When we talk about a detox and cleanse, we are referring to a program that is going to help you identify and eliminate toxins from your body and (ideally) your environment as part of an effort to restore balance and optimal health. It is important to remove toxins from your body because when there is a build-up you can experience symptoms including:

  • Fatigue or Brain Fog
  • Headaches
  • Muscle/Joint Aches & Pains
  • Inability to Lose Weight
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Hormonal Fluctuations
  • Signs of Premature Aging
  • Allergies
  • Acne or Skin Irritation
  • Depression or Mood Swings
  • Gastrointestinal Tract Irregularities

While your body's natural detoxification system is quite spectacular, the rate at which we are exposed to toxins through food, personal care products, contaminants in our air and water, and medications can often be overwhelming for the body to handle. A good program like the Pure Centre Detox & Cleanse offered through our clinic provides resources, recommendations and protocols that will safely and effectively help you to identify and remove toxins from your body and life.

How Is A Detox And Cleanse Going To Help You Achieve A Healthy Weight?

As we mentioned above, achieving a long-lasting healthy weight is about more than weight loss. It is about reconnecting with your body and redefining your relationship with the foods and products you put in it. This is why completing a detox and cleanse is a wonderful first step in the process. Not only will you spend time intentionally decreasing your toxic load, but you will also gain a new awareness of your body and lifestyle that is integral to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for life.

Whatsmore, there are physiological advantages to completing a detox and cleanse before starting a weight loss effort. Toxins are stored in fat cells which means as you lose weight they are released into your system and need to be processed by your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system (aka. your natural detox system). Depending on your toxic load and how quickly you lose weight, the release of toxins can cause symptoms to flare up until your system catches up. So, flushing your system of toxins ahead of time and priming your natural detox system sets you up for success.

Completing a Detox and Cleanse Gives You A Leg-Up On Weight Loss.

Achieving a weight that is healthy and long-lasting requires a reevaluation of your relationship to food and weight loss. This can be a significant lifestyle adjustment for many people. Completing a detox and cleanse prior to beginning a weight loss program gives you a headstart on the process. By eliminating toxins from your body you will reduce symptoms of a system overburdened by toxins like inflammation that make it harder to lose weight. Whatsmore, you will feel a stronger connection to your body and more in control of your choices. It is a perfect first step towards creating the changes you need to achieve a healthy weight for life.

If you are ready to take the first steps towards finding balance and a state of optimal health and wellness, contact us today for your initial assessment. Together we will decide if our Pure Centre Detox & Cleanse is the right fit for you.
Author:Agnes Lussier-Dow NP-PHC
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